North West Imaging strives to provide the best in imaging quality by utilizing proven technology.

Siemans 1.5 T Symphony MRI
More relaxing exams-
Patients enjoy the open design and the comfort of light-weight coils. IPA coils can be flexibly combined to minimize patient repositioning. Additionally, ease and speed go together: MAGNETOM Symphony enables feet-first access for a large variety of exams. For tremendously increased patient comfort.
Short exam times

iPAT (integrated Parallel Acquisition Technique), with PAT factors up to 4, minimizes scan time up to 75% and permits short breathhold times. And even more 2D PACE, another Siemens´ exclusive technique for multi-breathhold or free-breathing exams, significantly contributes to patient relaxation. Using IPA, multiple exams can be performed in a single set-up: patients will value the shorter exam time.
Easy access

Starting examinations pleasantly, the patient table lowers down to 45 cm. Convenient for all, but especially important for children, elderly and obese patients.

Siemans SOMATOM 16 Slice CT
Perfection in Image Detail
Having the industry’s leading detector material is only one important step towards perfection in image detail. Siemens take this leadership further with the SOMATOM Emotion family of CT systems by offering the segment leading 1472 active effective detector channels for increased image quality and better diagnosis.
With the smallest focal spot size in its class and fine detector collimation of 6 x 0.5 mm and 16 x 0.6 mm, the SOMATOM Emotion family of scanners provides the clarity and sharpness you require for accurate diagnoses.

Visualization of smallest diagnostic detail with a combination of:

  • Smallest focal spot
  • UFC detector
  • Higher number of effective detector channels
  • Fine collimation
  • Small gantry geometry
  • Up to 68% dose reduction with CARE Dose4D

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